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Holiday Home Rentals In Portugal

Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula on the South West of Europe and borders Spain. The climate in mainland Portugal varies from north to south, with the South experiencing Mediterranean weather with mild winters and hot summers; while the North coast is warmed by the Gulf Stream, so winters are mild and summers are warm. Anyone looking to holiday in Portugal will find an array of attractions and activities to explore. It's main largest city is Lisbon, with Porto, being the second largest in the north of the country. Portugal has a unique culture with fine dining and wines. If you're looking for adventure there are many outdoor activities to keep you busy, from bike riding, abseiling and rock climbing to more calmer activities such as golf, horse riding or hiking. Portugal's coastline is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, it's shores are diverse and exciting from little coves and deserted beaches, to beaches lined with white sand and stretching as far the eye can see. There are many water sports activities to keep you occupied, including surfing, body boarding, kite surfing, paragliding and windsurfing. So whether you are looking for fun filled entertainment or just relaxing and enjoying the scenery, there is something for everyone in this beautiful country.